Oliver Banasiak
Photography & Graphics Design


Photography & Graphics Design


About Me

I grew up in the godforsaken village of Färlöv in Sweden. My parents came to Sweden from Poland in 1982, cause they were sick of the Russians. Now, in Nybro, with girlfriend and dog!

I've always surrounded myself with art in all of its forms during my short life. My mother is a talented painter, a great inspirational source. Growing up, I always expressed myself in drawings and I still do.

You have to have dreams and goals, and yes, I have them too. Like John Nash, I'm searching for that one original idea. Almost every waken day I try to push myself further and further. No idea is to crazy or impossible to complete. The imagination is limitless, only You are in the way of You.


*Logo design, webdesign and product photography
*Featured in a Brazilian Online Magazine about global warming
*First semester completed at Linnaeus Univeristy (www.lnu.se)
*Featured in various articles on deviantART
*Posters for various parties around southern Sweden

*And many more to come!

The Day after Tomorr

I take every day as it comes, not rushing to the goal, but rather enjoying the journey to it. Right now I'm looking forward to another great semester at the Advertising, Graphic Design and Visual Communication Programme @ Linnaeus Univeristy in Nybro, Kalmar.
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